[icq-devel] meta (2010/870) SRV_METARANDOM

Douglas McLaughlin stricq at owlnet.net
Sat Sep 21 04:03:38 CEST 2002

At 09:51 AM 9/19/2002, you wrote:

>I guess I need to bring up a few facts you seem to be missing:
>a) I did copy the data part from Douglas' page at some point.
>b) My page was thought to be a drop-in replacement for Douglas' page
>    _solely_ because his page isn't up 24h a day (mine is).
>c) I did never copy the layout of his page, even though mine looked
>    similar.
>d) I clearly note the fact a) on my page, with a link to Douglas' page.
>AFAIK, Douglas didn't update his page after that anymore. My page is
>intended to be the central point for collecting ICQ protocol documentation.
>In particular, it is accessible to everyone, while your page is only
>findable if you manage to locate it's ultimate URL in your HTML-wannabe and
>if you really like blue links on blue background.

No, it hasn't been updated by me, others have, though.  I haven't looked at 
an ICQ hex dump in months, quite refreshing, really.  :-)  I'm up to the 
tip top of my head in final senior year semester class work.  In three 
months I graduate with a BS in Computer Science.  After a 15 year hiatus.

> > But i intend to improve and update my site in fact there are already few
> > updates.
>So your proud of creating the umteenth distinct location where one would
>want to look for protocol information? There's already too much of them.

If the JS is still there, well.. .. yuck.

> > >          100 DM sind  51 ¤  13 ¢.
> > >          100 ¤  sind 195 DM 58 pf.
> > you can not request money for public information which anybody can access.
>  RRR   OOO  TTTTT FFFFF L      !!  !!
>  R  R O   O   T   F     L      !!  !!
>  R R  O   O   T   F     L      !!  !!
>  RR   O   O   T   FFF   L      !!  !!
>  R R  O   O   T   F     L
>  R  R  OOO    T   F     LLLLL  !!  !!
>I do not request money for anything! My sig doesn't do anything different
>than stating the exchange rate between the old German currency, the DM,
>and the new European currency, the ¤uro.

Heh, cool.  :-)


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