[icq-devel] Sending contact-list at login ...

Barnaby Gray bee at pickle.me.uk
Tue Sep 17 22:58:31 CEST 2002


On Tue, Sep 17, 2002 at 11:09:40PM +0200, vadim winebrand wrote:
> I don't tell the server about my contact list the servers tells me about my
> contacts list in snac(13,06)

No, you misread the original poster - they said they are not using the
server-based list. Use SNAC(3,4) and send as many as you like in the
one packet (I think there is an upper limit indicated by the server in
the rates stuff, but I've never hit it). You send them as (byte)
length, then the UIN as a string.



> > When your client log in and tell the server about your contact
> > list (don't use the buddies saved on the server), do you use
> > SNAC(3,4) and list ALL the contacts in one packet ?  Or do you
> > send one packet for every contact ...  ?
> >
> > My problem with using this snac is that I only get a reply from
> > the server with the status for one of the contacts ... not all of
> > them ...
> >
> > /Smiley

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