[icq-devel] Sending contact-list at login ...

vadim winebrand amilw at bezeqint.net
Tue Sep 17 23:09:40 CEST 2002

I don't tell the server about my contact list the servers tells me about my
contacts list in snac(13,06)

Snac(3,4)  I  send only one uin in each packet but this is not the problem
the problem is that i got no response from the server when i send this snac

Do you mean that because i use snac(13,06) to receive Contacts,snac(3,4)
does not work?

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Subject: [icq-devel] Sending contact-list at login ...

> Hi
> When your client log in and tell the server about your contact list (don't
> the buddies saved on the server), do you use SNAC(3,4) and list ALL the
> contacts in one packet ?  Or do you send one packet for every contact ...
> My problem with using this snac is that I only get a reply from the server
> the status for one of the contacts ... not all of them ...
> /Smiley
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