[icq-devel] visible and invisible list

vadim winebrand amilw at bezeqint.net
Mon Sep 16 11:26:25 CEST 2002

I mean there are commands to add users and remove users from invisible list
and visible list but i don't know the commands which retrieves users
invisible list or visible list.
By the way snac(13,5) and reply snac(13,6) does not contain any information
about invisible list not visible list

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> > Do you have any clue what you just said?
> >
> > A *real* question *was* asked to *real* people, and
> > you blatantly ignored and then shunned it.  Why are
> I think perhaps he was complaining about the way in which the question was
> asked. You have to admit it seemed a bit impolite. I suspect, though, that
> it had more to do with his inexperience with the english language rather
> than any particular rudeness on his part.
> > The original poster was asking which SNAC commands are
> > needed to be sent in order to retreive the visible and
> > invisible lists from the server for the particular UIN
> > that the client is logged in with.  That is a very
> Anyway, to answer the question, I think you have to use the roster request
> commands - SNAC(13,5) and the reply SNAC(13,6). I'm afraid this is out of
> area of expertise though, since family 13 isn't really supported in v7
> clients. I do know that a lot of this stuff was discussed in detail on the
> mailing list earlier in the year. If you can't find the info in any of the
> online docs (which I'm assuming is the case otherwise you wouldn't have
> asked), then I recommend you go back and read the mailing list archives
> more information.
> Regards
> Zoe
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