[icq-devel] visible and invisible list

Zoe Small skyerat at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 16 10:15:09 CEST 2002

> Do you have any clue what you just said?
> A *real* question *was* asked to *real* people, and
> you blatantly ignored and then shunned it.  Why are

I think perhaps he was complaining about the way in which the question was
asked. You have to admit it seemed a bit impolite. I suspect, though, that
it had more to do with his inexperience with the english language rather
than any particular rudeness on his part.

> The original poster was asking which SNAC commands are
> needed to be sent in order to retreive the visible and
> invisible lists from the server for the particular UIN
> that the client is logged in with.  That is a very

Anyway, to answer the question, I think you have to use the roster request
commands - SNAC(13,5) and the reply SNAC(13,6). I'm afraid this is out of my
area of expertise though, since family 13 isn't really supported in v7
clients. I do know that a lot of this stuff was discussed in detail on the
mailing list earlier in the year. If you can't find the info in any of the
online docs (which I'm assuming is the case otherwise you wouldn't have
asked), then I recommend you go back and read the mailing list archives for
more information.


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