[icq-devel] visible and invisible list

Paula Pfeifle gambit47 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 16 08:02:30 CEST 2002

Do you have any clue what you just said?

A *real* question *was* asked to *real* people, and
you blatantly ignored and then shunned it.  Why are
you subscribed to this list in the first place, if
you're going to treat posters like that?  You need to
look back and see why your answer was wrong.

The original poster was asking which SNAC commands are
needed to be sent in order to retreive the visible and
invisible lists from the server for the particular UIN
that the client is logged in with.  That is a very
valid question to ask, especially given the nature of
this mailing list to begin with!


--- rad2k <rad2k at mail.ru> wrote:
> You are interacting with PEOPLE here buddy.
> Agh I can't believe how angry I get after reading
> 'questions' (cause it's not even a question)
> like the one below. Be polite, get a dictionary,
> then you'll start getting answers.

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