[icq-devel] Re: Pictures (was: SNAC(15,2) "Change My Details" subtypes)

Zoe Small skyerat at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 16 04:26:14 CEST 2002

> A question: What does the 'User Kind' mean? :)

No idea. Was hoping somebody else would know actually.

> BTW, do you know smth about pictures (which are 7000 bytes max and
> probably uploaded to server)?

As far as I can recall, the picture isn't sent to the server. When you
change your picture you send a status update (SNAC 1,1E with TLV 11 amongst
others). Other clients can tell when you last changed your picture from the
timestamp and should request the picture from you directly if their copy is
out of date.

Unfortunately many of the ICQ clones have abused the timestamps for version
information which might complicate matters somewhat. I did recommend against
doing this back when it was being discussed, but of course nobody ever
listens to me. :)


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