[icq-devel] SNAC(15,2) "Change My Details" subtypes

Zoe Small skyerat at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 15 23:23:35 CEST 2002

Since we were discussing SNAC(15,2) I thought I should present my definitive
list (well I hope) of the subtypes used when updating user details. As
always, this info applies to my copy of ICQ which is an old v7 version. The
v8 protocol may contain additional types and or additional fields.

The basic structure of SNAC(15,2) has been explained elsewhere so I'm not
going to go into it again. For all of subtypes listed below, the meta type
is always 2000 (0x7D0). WNTS is a word prefixed null terminated string. The
word is little endian as are all other words in the structures.

Most of this stuff is already covered in Massimo's docs, but it's easier for
me to just list everything I know.

Subtype 1002 (0x3EA)
WNTS Nick Name
WNTS First Name
WNTS Last Name
WNTS Primary Email
WNTS Home City
WNTS Home State
WNTS Home Phone
WNTS Home Fax
WNTS Home Address
WNTS Home Cell
WNTS Home Zip Code
WORD Home Country
BYTE Time Zone
BYTE Dont Publish Email

Subtype 1011 (0x3F3)
WNTS Work City
WNTS Work State
WNTS Work Phone
WNTS Work Fax
WNTS Work Address
WNTS Work Zip Code
WORD Word Country
WNTS Work Company
WNTS Work Department
WNTS Work Position
WORD Occupation
WNTS Work Homepage

Subtype 1021 (0x3FD)
BYTE Gender
WNTS Home Homepage
WORD Birth Year
BYTE Birth Month
BYTE Birth Day
BYTE Language 1
BYTE Language 2
BYTE Language 3

Subtype 1030 (0x406)
WNTS About

Subtype 1035 (0x40B)
BYTE Number of Additional Owner Emails
for each...
  BYTE Hide Email
  WNTS Email Address

Subtype 1040 (0x410)
BYTE Number of Interests (always 4)
for each...
  WORD Interest Category
  WNTS Interest Text

Subtype 1050 (0x41A)
BYTE Number of Past Affiliations (always 3)
for each...
  WORD Past Category
  WNTS Past Text
BYTE Number of Groups (always 3)
for each...
  WORD Group Category
  WNTS Group Text

Subtype 1060 (0x424)
BYTE Authorize
BYTE Web Aware
BYTE Direct Connect Type
BYTE User Kind

Subtype 1090 (0x442)
BYTE Always 1 (Possibly a count)
WORD Homepage Category
WNTS Homepage Description

I think that's all of them (at least in the "Change My Details" category).


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