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SNAC 15,2 is used for several things. It consists of a single TLV(1)
containing meta data in little endian format.

Looking at your example packet we have:
00 01   TLV type 1
00 5D   TLV length 0x5D

Next comes the meta data (everything from here onwards is little endian):
5B 00   another length 0x5B
8F 69 E7 04   UIN 0x04E7698F (82274703)
D0 07   meta type 0x7D0 (there are several different meta types)
02 00   request id 2

The data that follow is specific to meta type 0x7D0:
EA 03   meta subtype 0x3EA (there are several of these too)

The data that follows is specific to meta type 0x3EA:
05 00   string length 5 (includes the null)
54 61 64 75  00   null terminated string "Tadu\0" (nickname)
08 00   string length 8
52 FC 64 69 67 65 72 00   "Rüdiger\0" (first name)
09 00   string length 9
4B 75 68 6C 6D 61 6E 6E 00   "Kuhlmann\0" (last name)
0C 00   string length 12
74 61 64 ...

The rest of your packet is corrupted on your webpage, but the rest of the
format for this particular subtype is pretty much the same kind of thing.

For more details on all the different meta types and subtypes, check out
Massimo's docs. He doesn't always interpret things in little endian format
so a lot of the details will look backwards, but you can get the general


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Somebody can explain the CLI_METASETGENERAL command.

What are the parameters?

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