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rad2k rad2k at mail.ru
Wed Sep 11 02:05:20 CEST 2002

> Not unless you're sniffing his physical connection,
> and know how to decypher the data packets.  Packet
> decyphering is easy, there's plenty of documentation
> readily available.  Sniffing someone else's internet
> connection, on the other hand, is a trick of it's own,
> and is also typically illegal to do unless you have a
> court order granting you legal permission, which
> you'll never get if you're not doing it for
> law-enforcement purposes.

You could also patch his client so it doesn't ack offline messages, 
show the world of drugs to this guy so he goes online only at night when theres noone online
so he only gets offline icq messages. Then you go online during the day, re-receive his offline
messages, ack them and go offline again.

or..you could stop asking against-law-rangers questions.

take care,

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