[icq-devel] roster: it maybe interesting

Alexander Vaga icq2000cc at hobi.ru
Sun Sep 1 22:21:11 CEST 2002

Hello, All

Last time i played with roster.
I found few features (thnx to my testers).
If roster consists the hundred records and more,
server may split roster and send it as few separate snac(13,6).
The last sanc(13,6) has a low bit in flags[1] equal 0.
The another snacs(13,6) has this bit equal 1.
Each snac(13,6) has self own RecordCount.
Only last snac(13,6) consists the valid TimeStamp value.

I saw the one interesting UIN record.
It consists this tlv sequence:
TLV(0131) - Nickname of a UIN
TLV(0066)[empty] - This UIN is still awaiting authorization
and not described TLV(0068)[empty] - what is this ???

it is all news today.

Alexander Vaga

mailto:icq2000cc at hobi.ru

p.s. ... and i have more tales about roster.

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