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Rüdiger Kuhlmann icq-list-oWUpAQCWC2r4 at ruediger-kuhlmann.de
Sat Nov 30 14:29:44 CET 2002

>--[Christophe Minguet (freesurf)]--<c.minguet at freesurf.fr>

> Good luck with you 1000 browsers ;)
You like to see things I didn't write, it seems...

Anyway, the right tool for the right job.

> I'll keep mine, and will continue visit ur page cause even if hard to
> read cause of it's non portability ... 

It's portable. It works with every CSS1/CSS2/HTML-conformant browser,
including Mozilla, Galeon, Konqueror, Opera. It even degrades gracefully for
Netscape 4, and is useful for CSS-incapable browsers, including AmiWeb,
IBrowse, Voyager, Lynx, w3m and links. It even works around the missing
position:fixed in IE (which really sucks, because it's helluvalot useful).
There aren't that many non-trivial layouted pages with that portability.

> Btw, if one day u modify this "#FFF" in "white" which is a standard
> color keyword, would be kinda cool :)

I just replaced every #abc by #aabbcc, just to make you happy. It won't
change a thing except a tad more bandwith usage, but what the heck - at
least it'll reduce it to your limited CSS experience.

> > Just don't complain to _ME_ that _YOUR_ stuff is broken.
> > Complain to your vendor. You did already, did you?

But just go on blaming me for your browsers bugs. I can have fun with you
for days, it you really insist.

> > > Final dot.
> > Which is: Don't use broken IE to visit this page, or suffer.

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