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Rüdiger Kuhlmann icq-list-oWUpAQCWC2r4 at ruediger-kuhlmann.de
Sat Nov 30 13:59:54 CET 2002

>--[Christophe Minguet (freesurf)]--<c.minguet at freesurf.fr>
> Ok : here is how to write an html page with black text on white
> background .. Be carefull, it's quite hard :op
> <html>
> <body>
> Hello the world
> </body>
> </html>

Too bad it won't be black on white, but undefined colors as defined as
default in your browser. And that's often black on gray.

Want a page that IE supposedly shows with blue background? Simply do:
<html><body bgcolor=lightgray>Bla bla bla</body></html>

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