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Rüdiger Kuhlmann icq-list-oWUpAQCWC2r4 at ruediger-kuhlmann.de
Sat Nov 30 12:56:57 CET 2002

I don't know whether you're really as stupid as you're acting now, but I'll
spell it out as precisely as possible for you.

>--[Christophe Minguet (freesurf)]--<c.minguet at freesurf.fr>
> So ... According to you ,
> And 
> FFFFFF are same values ? 

I never said such.

>--[Christophe Minguet (freesurf)]--<c.minguet at freesurf.fr>
> Well, your page content is cool, but .. 
> Try this site :
> www.w3.org ....
> You will learn much ...

Yes, I know this page, and in opposite to you, I already read it. It shows,
for instance, in the fact that my page passes the HTML and CSS validator on
the mentioned site without any errors. It also shows in the URL I mentioned:


Since you didn't read the page, I'll quote the relevant sentences for you:

| 6.3    Color units
| A color is a either a keyword or a numerical RGB specification.
| The RGB color model is being used in numerical color specifications. These
| examples all specify the same color:
| EM { color: #f00 }              /* #rgb */
| EM { color: #ff0000 }           /* #rrggbb */
| EM { color: rgb(255,0,0) }      /* integer range 0 - 255 */
| EM { color: rgb(100%, 0%, 0%) } /* float range 0.0% - 100.0% */
| The format of an RGB value in hexadecimal notation is a '#' immediately
| followed by either three or six hexadecimal characters. The three-digit
| RGB notation (#rgb) is converted into six-digit form (#rrggbb) by
| replicating digits, not by adding zeros. For example, #fb0 expands to
| #ffbb00. This makes sure that white (#ffffff) can be specified with the
| short notation (#fff) and removes any dependencies on the color depth of
| the display.

So I never said that #abc and #aabbcc are the same value, only that they
specify the same color. I also checked that all browsers I could get my
hands on understand that, and they do. You can see that even IE does by
your screen shot since it renders all colors in the menu correctly, and
_all_ color values in my CSS are given as 3digits.

So you may better reconsider your statements and update _YOUR_ CSS

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