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Remy Lebeau gambit47 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 30 12:10:10 CET 2002

--- "Alexandr V. Shutko" <AVShutko at mail.khstu.ru>

> I REALLY DON'T LIKE those databases because
> they based on packets, not packet sequences.

I've seen several packet sequences listed on such
sites, actually.

> Thats why I writing my own _crosslinked_ html
> specification where programmer can select
> search_sequence and find out all details about it.

That's fine and good, but posting all of your detailed
finding to the list is pretty wasteful when you could
just simply publish the link to your online spec
instead.  That way, people can have another resource
to bookmark and go back to whenever they want.

> Also I think this is really bad idea to allow
> any user edit existing commands and adds new.

Why?  That's what makes this a community, and that's
how open-source programming works to begin with -
everyone contributes their parts to the overall cause.


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