[icq-devel] Weird SNAC 0x04 0x07

Rüdiger Kuhlmann icq-list-oWUpAQCWC2r4 at ruediger-kuhlmann.de
Tue Nov 5 16:30:47 CET 2002

>--[Barnaby Gray]--<bee at pickle.me.uk>

> I've recently been receiving (might be since my client has started
> identifying itself as v8) SNAC 0x4 0x7 (Message SNAC), on channel
> 2, that contain the advanced message TLV (type 0x5), but inside this
> where the TLV for the message body would normally be (type 0x2711)
> instead there's only the TLV type 0x000b length 0x0002 data
> 0x0001. Anyone have any idea what the purpose of these are?

I'm not sure what exactly you mean, there are two types of empty messages
I'm receiving, though probably you mean those that contain an empty message,
but a capability, namely CAP_STR_2001 and CAP_STR_2002 (see my
documentation). ICQ 2001 sends the first, ICQ 2002 sends both to each
contact when visible. I assume they're to announce capabilities, but I don't
know what those capabilities are for.

I'm also receiving another kind of empty messages when I set the dc
connection type to 2 (SOCKS) instead of 4 (no firewall), that just seem to
contain the sender's dc details and what he sees of the receiver. Those
messages are rather strange in that they contain a 0x2711 not starting with
0x1b, but of length 0x1b. They look pretty useless to me.

Yours, Rüdiger.

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