[icq-devel] Clone recognition.

Barnaby Gray bee at pickle.me.uk
Fri Nov 1 19:46:18 CET 2002

On Fri, Nov 01, 2002 at 05:32:53PM +0100, Rüdiger Kuhlmann wrote:
> If you want to get the best currently possibly client detection:
> http://micq.org/source/micq-cvs/src/contact.c
> If you copy it verbatim like the sim "developer" did, I'll get pretty pissed.

 * This file implements the contact list and basic operations on it.
 * This file is Copyright Rudiger Kuhlmann; it may be distributed under
 * version 2 of the GPL licence.
 * $Id: contact.c,v 1.40 2002/10/30 15:10:30 kuhlmann Exp $

Don't see what you can complain about, as long as he complies with the


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