[icq-devel] Clone recognition.

Fabrice Michellonet fabrice.michellonet at wanadoo.fr
Fri Nov 1 17:23:09 CET 2002


browsing the differents ICQ protocol databases & related docs, i discovered
some clones use differents tricks to recognize themself and to get version
info. I think some uses special flags in the snac (0x1, 0x1E) other have
created new capabilities [i.e trillian]

So my question is, is it safe to let AOL recognize our clone ? They could
just block packet coming from our clones...

But even if i guess it isn't a totaly safe, i guess sometimes it's necessary
if you want to provide a new service [ex : encrypted messages.]

Here come my second question, which is :  Does this community has already
decided of a standardization to perform clone recognizion ?

If not, what your thought about that. Creating such a standard could be a
little bit risky but should give us a better interoperatibility between our
different clones.


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