[icq-devel] SNAC 13/* Information

rad2k rad2k at mail.ru
Wed Mar 27 04:47:28 CET 2002

Great job Mark
i took a superficial look though but ill see if it helps me improve my
functions the way i wrote them.

On Tue, 26 Mar 2002 22:01:02 -0500
"Mark Doliner" <linuxmailinglists at kingant.net> wrote:

> Hi, 
> I have spent a LOT of time figuring out the structure of a few of the packets
> in SNAC family 13.  I've put up some decent documentation at 
> http://kingant.net/libfaim/snacs/snacindex.html  Enjoy?
> I come from an AIM oscar background, rather than ICQ, so the ICQ-specific 
> information on that page is less accurate and less detailed than the more 
> basic SNACs like subtypes 5 through 12.  A bit of the terminology is 
> different too--for example, rather than saying "roster" I say "list" 
> or "buddy list."  It should be pretty understandable.
> Douglas McLaughlin: I plan on updating a bit of my docs sometime to include 
> some stuff you mention in yours.  Specifically some of the TLVs that are 
> stored along with items in the roster (SMS number, etc.).  I just noticed 
> that you're at UNCP?  I'm a student at NC State  :-)
> The program Gaim, for Linux and other Unixes has a good oscar implementation 
> that works for AIM and ICQ.  http://gaim.sf.net/  libfaim is the library it 
> uses.  It's pretty, um, big and complicated, but it works well.
> If you have any questions, sugguestions, additions, or comments, PLEASE email 
> me or the list.  I'm super happy I found this mailing list...  I don't 
> believe such a thing exits that is geared toward using oscar for AIM.
> -Mark
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