[icq-devel] SNAC 13/* Information

Mark Doliner linuxmailinglists at kingant.net
Wed Mar 27 04:01:02 CET 2002


I have spent a LOT of time figuring out the structure of a few of the packets
in SNAC family 13.  I've put up some decent documentation at 
http://kingant.net/libfaim/snacs/snacindex.html  Enjoy?

I come from an AIM oscar background, rather than ICQ, so the ICQ-specific 
information on that page is less accurate and less detailed than the more 
basic SNACs like subtypes 5 through 12.  A bit of the terminology is 
different too--for example, rather than saying "roster" I say "list" 
or "buddy list."  It should be pretty understandable.

Douglas McLaughlin: I plan on updating a bit of my docs sometime to include 
some stuff you mention in yours.  Specifically some of the TLVs that are 
stored along with items in the roster (SMS number, etc.).  I just noticed 
that you're at UNCP?  I'm a student at NC State  :-)

The program Gaim, for Linux and other Unixes has a good oscar implementation 
that works for AIM and ICQ.  http://gaim.sf.net/  libfaim is the library it 
uses.  It's pretty, um, big and complicated, but it works well.

If you have any questions, sugguestions, additions, or comments, PLEASE email 
me or the list.  I'm super happy I found this mailing list...  I don't 
believe such a thing exits that is geared toward using oscar for AIM.


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