[icq-devel] Why won't my cookie ever work for me????

Remy Lebeau gambit47 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 23 06:44:42 CET 2002

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> With Ethereal, filter you packets with the text 'aim' and your life will
> be asier!  :-)

I already have, it's not helping much.  I do see the FLAP headers
automatically parsed, but that's all.  My packets are recognized as AIM
packets just fine with Ethereal.  Even the sequence numbers are showing up
correctly, and in the correct sequntial order (meaning I have the big/little
endian encoding correct, I assume).

> First packet, why is the packet length field reversed?  It should be
> 00 04, not 04 00 as you display.  I have never seen this.  I have
> about a meg of packet dumps and this never happens.

It does come in as 00 04, my code was converting it before it could be
dumped to file (remember, these are my own dumps, not Ethereal's).  I guess
I should move my dumping code back to right when it comes over the socket,
rather than when I'm actually parsing it, hehe.

The actual packet does look like this:

Data size: 10
2A 01 11 53 00 04 00 00 00 01                    : *..S......

> Third packet, again the packet length is reversed.  Why is that?

Again, my fault, dumping the code at the wrong time.  It really looks like

Data size: 299
2A 04 11 54 01 25 00 01 00 08 36 38 31 35 31 34  : *..T.%....681514

> Fourth packet, the packet length is still reversed.

Same herre, it's really this:

Data size: 10
2A 01 88 9D 00 04 00 00 00 01                    : *.^......


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