[icq-devel] Why won't my cookie ever work for me????

Remy Lebeau gambit47 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 22 08:57:22 CET 2002

I'm trying to implement the ICQ v8 protocol ala the docs at
http://icqv7.cjb.net and http://www.stricq.com/icqv8/index.cfm

I have no trouble getting the auth cookie from the login server, but every
time I send it to the second server, it is rejected every time.  I can't
find the fault, I've compared my packets to the ones outlined on those sites
and they match.  I've attached my hex dump below (with my password XX out,

Ever since ICQ 2000 was first released, I have never been able to get this
to work right.  WTF????


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