[icq-devel] Java ICQ libs

Sami K Makinen skmakine at cc.helsinki.fi
Mon Mar 18 22:53:51 CET 2002


are there any other (open source) Java ICQ V7 projects going on here, than
JCQ2K? Joe hasn't released new versions in a while, and I'm anctious to
develop my IM project further. (Are you still following this list Joe?
Is there still development? I recall you said you had lost interest...
=( ). The IM is based on a proprietary protocol (which is not very useful
for daily use), and my own ICQ V5 protocol (which is next to worthless,
now), and Joe's JCQ2K which has already been fully implemented but lacks a
lot of features.

I remember somebody here mentioned that they were developing the JCQ2K
library onwards. Who are you guys, and can I help you with this? I don't
know anything about the V7 protocol, but I know ICQ V5 and Java and I'm an
effective betatester (since I use my own IM daily, as my main/only ICQ

Send me an email and I'll give you my ICQ number.


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