[icq-devel] Getting offline messages...

Douglas McLaughlin stricq at owlnet.net
Sun Mar 10 04:47:23 CET 2002

At 10:21 PM 3/8/2002, you wrote:

> > I've sent the first 15/2 SNAC in the hopes of getting my offline messages,
> > but that doesn't seem to be cutting it.  Which of dozen or so other 15/2
> > SNACs is the magic one to get offline messages?
>You need to be certain about your bytesremaining being correct though.  I
>did a general purpose routine for 0x15 0x2 Snacs and came up with the
>bytes remaining for most of them = length of data you are sending + 10.

Ok, now I feel dumb.  The packet was correct.  The offline messages were 
coming in.  I just never told my client to actually show that the packets 
did show up.  Duh, they were there all the time.


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