[icq-devel] keepalives

E Filippov joe at idisys.iae.nsk.su
Fri Mar 1 13:26:49 CET 2002

From: rad2k <rad2k at mail.ru>
> keep alive technique ... if so, have you noticed any changes at all?

FLAP channel 5 "keep alive" packets sent by client are "no-operation"
packets, server simply ignores them.

They are sometimes necessary to have, since some TCP/IP stack
implementations do not report when the connection is broken e.g. when the
app uses the socket.available() mechanism.  They only report some connection
error when you perform some read/write operation on the given socket.  I
encountered this behavior e.g. in Java environment, so I have keepalives
implemented.  Some local programmers also reported that this can occur in
non-Java environments.

E Filippov

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