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Alex Demchenko alex at ritlabs.com
Tue Jun 18 06:16:54 CEST 2002

Hello rad2k,

Tuesday, June 18, 2002, 2:24:52 AM, you wrote:

r> hey there, i'm sorry but since i was unable to find an old post about this, i'll ask.
r> Using version 7/8 of the protocol for direct connections, i've been succesfully able to 
r> establish a handshake with other icq clients.

r> I've found the encryption routines, but I'm wondering -when- to encrypt direct connection
r> packets since the PEER_MSG dump (on the www.stud.uni.... site) says that everything after the 02 MSG command byte should be encrypted.

r> Is that ok? Should everything after the 02 byte cmd be encrypted? should the WHOLE message be encrypted? including the first 2 length bytes?

Take a look at micq http://www.micq.org/, in tcp.c file you can find
void Encrypt_Pak (Session *sess, Packet *pak),
int Decrypt_Pak (UBYTE *pak, UDWORD size) functions.

The sources of micq are rather understandable(thx to the author ;) so
can use them without any problems.

Best regards,
 Alex                            mailto:alex at ritlabs.com
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