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Tue Jun 18 01:49:32 CEST 2002

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> I've found the encryption routines, but I'm wondering -when- to encrypt
> direct connection packets since the PEER_MSG dump (on the www.stud.uni....
> site) says that everything after the 02 MSG command byte should be
> encrypted.

In v5, the whole packet was encrypted. v7/v8 prepends just another byte.
This has the advantage that the first byte in all cases tells you what kind
of a packet this is. So you encrypt everything after the first byte that
contains the value 2 (which actually encrypts only the first quarter...).
The key ("checkcode") will at last be written at the beginning of the
encrypted area.

> I'll still be sniffing and trying but im not having luck with sniffing the
> damn win98 tonight these direct connections packets get me weirdo.

Sometimes it is easier to sniff on other clones that already have this

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