[icq-devel] p2p cookies

rad2k rad2k at mail.ru
Sun Jun 9 07:58:47 CEST 2002

Okie dokie :) Hard work leads to solutions!. Its almost 3am and i finally figured out what
my problem was. So just to let anyone know, if you ever get direct connection information
in any status change on your contacts, BUT, even though you get their IP and Port numbers
you DONT get the connection cookie, is because whenever changing your OWN status,
you never specified direct connection information nor the required 0x04 DC flag =)

my bad!, but now it turns to be my good!
god so much debugging...tomorrow im doing my first parachute jumping! wish me luck :)

take care guys,

On Thu, 30 May 2002 00:32:40 -0300
rad2k <rad2k at mail.ru> wrote:

> Greetings guys,
> I've been debugging a lot and sniffing the damn windows 98, seen sources around
> the world on peer 2 peer encryption and steps. Right now im having a BIG problem
> which is..the server is NOT sending me the direct connection cookies! as weird as
> that might sound, i know my client isn't sending a required identifying string or 
> whatever, but whenever i get the direct connection info in an 'oncoming' buddy
> the cookie field is just blank, ip/ports/bla bla are fine!, just the cookies..and yes,
> they -should be there-.
> I've changed capabilities, tried as much as i could.
> Maybe anyone just knows a certain capabilitie or flag that must be set in order to
> receive such things? I've also seen the direct-connection flag in the status change
> packet, I tried it out and didn't work, but if that's it maybe i do need to re-check my
> code, i just didn't want to keep wasting time on it.
> Take care, and watch out, cause Argentina is coming for the world cup ;)
> +rad2k
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