[icq-devel] a newbie question concerning Delphi realisation of ICQ v.3

Remy Lebeau gambit47 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 5 19:30:36 CEST 2002

Why do you want to work with such an outdated protocol
version?  The current version is v8.  Also just FYI,
v3 was never a publically-used version.  v3 and v4
were internal versions only used during the testing
phases.  v2, v5, v6 and v7/8 are the public versions
of the protocol.


--- Dmitry Medvedev <medvedev at rsdsoft.msk.ru> wrote:

> Is there any realisation of ICQ v.3 proto
> in Delphi? It'd be greate if someone point
> me to an appropriate resource.

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