[icq-devel] Login Invisible

icq2000cc icq2000cc at hobi.ru
Thu Jul 25 21:31:16 CEST 2002

Hello Dimit,
Thursday, July 25, 2002, 6:12:14 PM, you wrote:

Dg> when i want to login in invisible mode, icq shows the user online with an
Dg> invisible symbol next to the name.

I have two explanations for that situation:

1) before setting initial status as invisible,
   you must have sent visible list to server, as shown here:
   SNAC(3,4)  - contact list
   SNAC(9,5)  - visible list (maybe empty)
   SNAC(1,1E) - setstatus(invisible)

... or ...

2) if you are using server-side contact list,
   you must update visibility code on the server as 3(AllowOnlyVisible).
   SNAC(13,9) - UpdateVisibilityCode(3)
   SNAC(1,1E) - setstatus(invisible)

   Usually Visibility code is 4(BlockOnlyInvisible)
   and your "invisibility" is visible to all.
Best regards, icq2000cc
 icq2000cc at hobi.ru

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