[icq-devel] Server Side Contact List Management

Henrique Cintra hcintra at comp.ufscar.br
Sat Jul 13 22:53:48 CEST 2002

         I never hacked ICQ... i don't know what is snak, don't know how 
dump works or anything else... but I accidentally deleted all my contacts. 
I have the backup of files my_uin.msg/idx/dat... but when I try to start 
ICQ with this files, ICQ overwrite them with a null contact list.
         Now I know it's because snac(13,5) and snac(13,6)... but don't 
know what I can do... so... what I want is:
         Create something or do something to make ICQ believe my local 
contact list is newer than the server side contact list and then upload my 
local contact list. Don't know how to do this, as I told before, but I have 
some knolege of Java, C/C++ and would even learn all I have to build an 
application to only upload this... if it's necessary.
         So, what I need is help from you to make this happen...

Henrique Cintra

Henrique 'HoloCoCos' Cintra <BRazil>
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