[icq-devel] ICQ database format

Gerke Preußner j3rky at tactical-ops.de
Sat Jul 13 20:54:42 CEST 2002

>> AOL is a very huge company, [..]
>> On the other side I think there's a kind
>> of contract/agreement with Mirabilis,

True, but everything on this planet depends on money. If any of the
managers (who don't even know how to use a computer) decide to cancel
the money, all contracts and good wills are useless.

Also i don't think that AOL will subsidze the ICQ part.
But we'll see what happens in the future...

>> P.S. Why ICQMerge hasn't been released? :)

The good old problem: time

I didn't work on it for 6 months due to other commercial projects. After
that i had to catch up my study again (exam massacre). Anyway, last week
i continued working on ICQMerge (the next version will be called
ICQCommander) - the first beta test version was a success (all testers
with broken databases could read their messages again).

Right now im completely rewriting the whole program (for the 4th time
*bleh*) because the other version reached a state where i couldn't solve
some problems anymore (especially performance-wise). The new version
will be able to modify the database files directly (without pre-caching
to RAM, like in the earlier versions) and i also created a new GUI which
should be easier to use and makes use of ICQ's folder structure.

i certainly hope that the whole thing will be finished this summer. On
the other hand my master thesis will begin in about 6 weeks - so i
really can't make any promises for the release date :)


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