[icq-devel] New SRV_REPLYROSTER dumps

Mark Doliner linuxmailinglists at kingant.net
Mon Jul 1 20:20:29 CEST 2002

Are you talking about the 2 byte flag in the SNAC header?  I believe this 
flag is set by the server, not the client.  It is dependant on the version 
for family 0x0013 that you sent to the server in the family 0x0001 subtype 
0x0017 SNAC (and maybe another SNAC, I can't remember right now).

Sending version 1 for family x13 causes the SNAC flags to be 0x0000, and 
there are no extra bytes at the beginning.  I believe sending versions 2, 3, 
or 4 will cause the flags to change, and you will have to parse the 
SRV_REPLYROSTER packet differently.  I do not know what has changed in the 4 
revisions to this family.  Gaim/libfaim sends version 1 with no problems.


> i> Hm...IMHO, old icq-clients (less v7) don`t work with ROSTER.
> i> or am I mistaking?
> Yes it's true! :) In the matter of fact, I'll try to create some 
> lists in v7 icq to understand this strange behavior with the 15th 
> byte :)

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