[icq-devel] Network issues

Zoe Smale skyerat at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 27 16:00:56 CET 2002

> > This is just a wild guess, but could it not be a bug in a particular 
> > that's just getting forwarded through the server? Perhaps try keeping a 
> > of what commands are causing the problem and what users they are coming 
> > (assuming they are user-originated commands and not server commands).
>well that would mean direct connections right?

Not necessarily. If a user changes status and sends a packet to the server, 
it seems possible that the server might just forward that packet on to all 
"watchers" that have that user on their buddy list without actually trying 
to re-create or validate the packet. Obviously the FLAP sequence number 
would need to be changed for each destination, but the main body of the 
packet could be left as is. At least that's my theory.


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