[icq-devel] Network issues

rad2k rad2k at mail.ru
Wed Feb 27 05:37:39 CET 2002


> I'm not sure what discussion you're refering to (it may have been before I 
> joined the list). The only form of "stay alive" that I'm aware of is the 
> channel 5 FLAP that gets sent every 58 seconds.

had no idea about it :) thanks.

> This is just a wild guess, but could it not be a bug in a particular client 
> that's just getting forwarded through the server? Perhaps try keeping a log 
> of what commands are causing the problem and what users they are coming from 
> (assuming they are user-originated commands and not server commands).

well that would mean direct connections right?
unfortunatelly i ment server originated status changes..ill keep an eye on it though.

> Great movie! Enjoy.

for gods sake it WAS. People, rent memento movie..it kicks ass!

> Regards
> Zoe


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