[icq-devel] Network issues

rad2k rad2k at mail.ru
Wed Feb 27 00:59:40 CET 2002

hey list,

I have a couple of questions to make :
a) has the 'stay alive' issue been discussed already ? i remember a thread about it some time ago
but did the conversation get to an end? It 'might' happend that after being logged on the netwok for a pretty looooong time, the client stops receiving server packets. I might be missing some 'i'm alive' replies :).

b) has anyone had the problem of receiving, once every 5/6 logins, for example a flap which says
hey im lets say a buddy status change snac! and my flap says i have 200 bytes of data ahead!
instead, the so lovely packet is 198, or 199 bytes long, i mean, less than 200 bytes.?
the bytes ammount is just an example, my point is that the server sends less bytes than it says
it will..anyone with same experience?

just came from work im damn tired, ill take a nap and watch 'memento' ...:)

regards, enjoy your evening.


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