Password encryption (was Re: [icq-devel] Family 2 SNACs on ICQ)

Vitaly Goncharuk filfob at
Sat Feb 16 08:18:38 CET 2002

Hello Zoe,

ZS> On the subject of passwords, has anyone tried using the AIM logon process on 
ZS> an ICQ server? I don't know the exact details, but it looks like it involves 
ZS> the server sending a challenge string which the client combines with its 
ZS> password and sends back as an MD5 digest. It certainly seems a lot more 
ZS> secure than the ICQ logon.
 You must XOR with this key
"F3,26,81,C4,39,86,DB,92,71,A3,B9,E6,53,7A,95,7C" your password and
send to the server. No MD5, SHA-1 and etc. :-(

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