[icq-devel] Type-1 messages

Zoe Smale skyerat at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 12 20:09:29 CET 2002

>&RQ uses type-2 when other clients uses version 7+ of protocol, but as
>you  saw, it's not enough. i'm unsure about capabilities, that's why i
>don't  use  this  test,  but  i  guess that 09461349 4C7F11D1 82224445
>53540000  is  the  string about type-2 messages... someone can confirm

Yes, I believe that's the one. My ICQ client (which is version 7) only has 
two capabilities listed: that one and 
{09461344-4c7f-11d1-8222-444553540000}. I was looking at the source for gaim 
a couple of days ago (they actually have a quite a good OSCAR implementation 
from what I've seen), and they listed the first GUID as CAPS_ICQSERVERRELAY 
and the second one as CAPS_ICQ. I know they're both used in messages, so my 
theory was that CAPS_ICQSERVERRELAY was used with messages sent through the 
server, and CAPS_ICQ is for direct-connection messages. I'm not positive 
about that though.


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