[icq-devel] Type-1 messages && some other q's

Zoe Smale skyerat at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 9 21:59:52 CET 2002

>hey, as you could see in my YSM 2.2 release i was able to implement the
>contacts from server feature..but im having some weird behavior, has
>anyone else
>used this feature already other than me? The server seems to send me
>incomplete list
>packets so of the (i.e.) 150 users in my list im just able to parse 20.

I've been working with v7 of the protocol which claims not to support family 
13 so I haven't really looked at much of that stuff. However, from what I 
have seen in v7, it appears that the server can send SNAC 13/6 in multiple 
parts. It should set bit 1 of the flags in the SNAC header if the data is 
continued in a subsequent SNAC. It's possible that that may be your problem.

Also I suspect most people ignore the first byte of the SNAC data since it's 
supposedly always zero. However it's actually a count which can be followed 
by a number of records. From what I could make out, each record consists of 
a word, a word-len-prefixed UTF string, a CLSID, another string, and a 
word-len-prefixed chunk of data. If that first byte isn't zero and you're 
not parsing out these records that could also be causing problems for you.

After all the above stuff you get your regular list of records with the 
groups and users. Note, however, that the record count in this case is 
actually a word not a byte. If you have more than 255 users and groups (and 
whatever else is included in that list), your byte count would overflow 
which could be another reason that you're missing some records.

- Zoe

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