[icq-devel] Type-1 messages && some other q's

rad2k rad2k at mail.ru
Sat Feb 9 16:34:21 CET 2002


I believe i've had similar problems with icq2001 and my client when i 
was ignoring some
possible snacs modification on incoming messages. I'm now parsing the 
message packet
correctly in a way i could add any new TLV's that show up.

For instance, i've been told Miranda ICQ has something related to this 
since no messages
sent from this client are shown on Ysm, but any message sent from Ysm is 
shown to
Miranda users.

weird huh,

hey, as you could see in my YSM 2.2 release i was able to implement the 
contacts from server feature..but im having some weird behavior, has 
anyone else
used this feature already other than me? The server seems to send me 
incomplete list
packets so of the (i.e.) 150 users in my list im just able to parse 20.  



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