[icq-devel] New ysm v2.2 released!

rad2k rad2k at mail.ru
Tue Feb 5 06:04:20 CET 2002

Hey guys,

I've finally released YSM v2.2 !
now its on sourceforge! check out 
or freshmeat at http://freshmeat.net/projects/ysmv7/

or download it directly from ysmv7's site! 

the CVS has HEAD as the current tag or i created YSM_v22 as a tag for 
this release.

here is a dump of the changelog! regards!

04th Feb 2002
+ fixed some unknown snac types!
+ fixed a bug in buddy status where it used to crash!
+ New parseslave function and now slaves are all in lowcaps!.
+ New specific BSD Makefile! just rename Makefile.bsd to Makefile in order
touse it.
+ New Centericq to Ysm contact list convertion! check YSMConvert directory!
+ Now offline messages support! Sorry for the delay!.
+ Re-wrote the ReceiveMessage function so you can now get those Messages
from icq2001 clients you were missing!.
feature! What do you think! God! finally!.
+ fixed a bug in comfortable message mode every newline was being
counted as a new message byte len.
+ added Slaves Status Flood Protection! read the docs/README file!.
+ added the clear command! it now clears your screen!.
+ added help menus for the missing beep, clear, r, etc comands.
+ added an fflush() call after calling every printf call.
+ Fixed the shocking client exit messages when receiving unknown
types of messages or invalid data from the server.
+ Fixed a known bug in YSM_Set_Buddy_Status() Client used to coredump
while receiving 0 byte messages from the server!.
+ New licq2Ysm scripts! Check the YSMConvert directory ! (Thanks aweil!)
+ New Makefile ! Now compiles each .c file in a sepparate .o and then
links them all! ( Thanks aweil! )

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