[icq-devel] Any idea?

Zoe Smale skyerat at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 3 22:32:26 CET 2002

>It says that AOL blocked Trillian client from accessing AIM and ICQ.
>Any idea how did they detect the ICQ/AIM clone?
>And will it affect our development effort?

Whatever method they've been using Trillian has been releasing new versions 
to fix the problem and as of now AOL has either stopped trying or Trillian 
came up with a permanent workaround.

Interestingly enough they have only being blocking AIM access - they don't 
seem to care about ICQ. If they wanted to, though, ICQ does support SNAC 
1,1F so it could be used to kill clones. The only way for a clone to 
workaround that would be to bundle some form of the coolbucky DLL with the 
app (you may need other DLLs too).

Also I've seen at least one buffer overrun (not the 2711 TLV) which they 
could possibly use as a clone detector the way they did to kill the 
Microsoft client back when MS was trying to support AIM. That seems unlikely 


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