[icq-devel] client-client version 6/7 ack?

Dan Ackerman baldrick at dilbert.netset.com
Sat Feb 2 20:30:35 CET 2002

Part of the problem we are all experiencing is that there are multiple
servers now running different versions of the server software.  I have a
user in Sweden that routinely goes onto a server that responds differently
than the one I normally connect with.

Dan Ackerman
aka baldrick

On Sat, 2 Feb 2002, rad2k wrote:

> doug,
> hey, sorry didnt mean to blame you for anything man, i just said the
> protocol wasnt
> 'right now' behaving that way. Im debugging this right now, I could
> document my
> parsing way if you want me to, there are some TLV's around that arent
> documented.
> I just want this to work dammit heh, i got it working without the Import
> Time string,
> but seems to behave different when the Import Time comes, its just a
> check, ill fix it
> in a couple of minutes i guess.
> Regards
> +rad2k
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