[icq-devel] Any idea?

Alexandr V. Shutko AVShutko at mail.khstu.ru
Fri Feb 1 04:51:14 CET 2002

Hello Yonatan,
Friday, February 01, 2002, 1:25:28 PM, you wrote:

YIG> http://news.com.com/2100-1023-826625.html

YIG> It says that AOL blocked Trillian client from accessing AIM and ICQ.
YIG> Any idea how did they detect the ICQ/AIM clone?
YIG> And will it affect our development effort?

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There was client verification SNAC (group 1, subtype 0x1f)...
It contain 8 bytes... 4 - offset, 4 - length... It was used before by
AIM clients... Client should send 16 bytes MD5 hash of its data
segment memory to server or it will be kicked off...

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