[icq-devel] nick, first, last names restriction !

Christophe Minguet (freesurf) c.minguet at freesurf.fr
Thu Dec 19 20:51:23 CET 2002

hi everybody !
today i was checking my SETMETAGENERAL implementation ... and i tried to
name my user "nomadIcq" ... i got an error ....! 
i tried many times, still the same error ...
then i tried with icq 2003a ... same error !!!!!
icq database error 117 
from the few tests i made, seems we can't use the three letters "ICQ" in
a nickname, firstname or lastname .... 
this doesn't occurs with an ICQLite .
i saw some 
do i have a bug somewhere?  do u guys already met this problem ? 
thanks !
bye bye 
ps : am i right to assume that if i choose a picture in my details, its
not uploaded on icq server ? and that this pic is different from the one
we can see using this address :
http://web.icq.com/photo_repository/jpg/0,,67856519-0-0,00.jpg that we
can see on the unified messaging center. 
but this pic is sent in a icq message reply to the one who asked it.
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