[icq-devel] Web Aware ....

Christophe Minguet (freesurf) c.minguet at freesurf.fr
Tue Dec 17 21:50:39 CET 2002

hi everybody ! 
I added web aware / not web aware mode to my icq client ....
now i have a little question : 
how to retrieve the uin's web aware mode ?(i mean how to know if my user
disactivated web aware or not ...)
i can't save this data as my client is a web based one ... and i don't
want to store anything on the user's computer using a cookie.
i found a way to know if my user is web aware or not by searching him by
his UIN (CLI_METASEARCHBYUIN) and testing if his status is
2(disactivated) or smth else (web aware)
but this seems not to work all the time ... no .. it almost never works
... :(
when i turn web aware on/off, and then set my status with correct flag
0x00010000 dependingif it's on or off, everything's ok.
but when i go offline / come back online ... seems i can't retrieve the
previous mode ...
i would have same question about : how to know if my user's
authorization is required to add him to a contact list ... still only
way is to search him with CLI_METASEARCHBYUIN ? 
i think this is little bit dirty :(
thanks for your help ! 
have a good day / evening,
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