[icq-devel] hi

Zoe Smale skyerat at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 13 22:25:32 CET 2002

> By the way i've read that AIM & ICQ client could inter-operate soon [i.e
> users could chat with ICQ ones etc ..]. Anybody has ome news?

Actually, as far as I can recall that is already possible with the latest
version of AIM. From what I remember reading, AIM users could send messages
to ICQ users, but ICQ users couldn't send back (or something like that). I
don't know the details, but I guess it could be similar to receiving a
message via email or that web send feature that ICQ supports (you assumedly
can't reply to those either). If you want more info, try searching on
slashdot. I'm pretty sure I found the link to the article there.


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