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Christophe Minguet (freesurf) c.minguet at freesurf.fr
Fri Dec 13 22:24:47 CET 2002

Hi Fabrice ! 
yep, i coded it too today :) so it will be more "clean" ... 
both way are working fine ...
btw .. for moving contacts from one group to another ... there is no
other way than to add the contact in the new group and delete the
previous one ? 
the same as .. when deleting a group ... and if we want all contacts
within this group to be deleted , we must delete them "manualy" ? else
they stay in contact list ... 
but not attached to any group so we can't see them ...
c u 
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hi Christophe,
i was coding this part of the protocole those last days too... and i've
just tried not to send SNAC(0x13, 0x11) and SNAC(0x13, 0x12)
and i agree it really seems to work fine !
i've run a little "script" adding and then removing (200 times) some
contacts... and everything went good... 
so well i guess that it's safe not to use them. Anyway i've already
coded them and as the real ICQ send them,
i will use them...but i don't think we need to send them.
I'll be please to have other people opinion on this question,
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Hello Everybody ! 
I coded contact list modification (add / remove/ update) functions few
days ago
according to Rüdiger's doc and to packet i dumped from ICQ, before 
updating the serverside list, i should send CLI_ADDSTAR (snac 0x13/0x11)
and when finished, i should send CLI_ADDEND (snac 0x13/0x12)
Fact is I'm kinda lazy, so i "forgot" :op to send those 2 packets ...
but it's working !
do you know if those packets are usefull ? are they acting as a 
create session/transaction and commit/end session /transaction ? 
is is safe not to use them ? is it better to use them ? 
thanks ! 
have all a great day !

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