[icq-devel] hi

Remy Lebeau gambit47 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 13 22:22:54 CET 2002

--- Fabrice Michellonet 

> well firstly, i've never seen any doc about the
> 2nd version of the protocol, but i'm sure the
> current version is now the 8th.

The current is v8, yes.  Adn yes, there were docs for
v2.  My first clone several years ago was a v2 clone
going off of sme docs I found.

> By the way i've read that AIM & ICQ client
> could inter-operate soon [i.e AIM users could
> chat with ICQ ones etc ..]. Anybody has ome news?

The latest public release of AIM already supports the
interoperability (which is ironic considering that AIM
already had that functionality a long time ago and
then AOL decided to strip it out completely for awhile
and is just now putting it back in).


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