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Fabrice Michellonet fabrice.michellonet at wanadoo.fr
Fri Dec 13 22:08:12 CET 2002


well firstly, i've never seen any doc about the 2nd version of the protocol,
but i'm sure the current version is now the 8th. I don't think that this
version of the protocol is still in use, so that may explain your bug.
Anyway even if it is still maintained, i guess you'd better work on the last
version, b/c one day or another, Mr AOL, will just abandon that version...
and well i'm sure there is tons of new features in the newer versions...

By the way i've read that AIM & ICQ client could inter-operate soon [i.e AIM
users could chat with ICQ ones etc ..]. Anybody has ome news?

hope this will help,


PS : here is 2 good link to start your studies :
http://www.icqv7.cjb.net/  (gator polluted !)

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> Hi,
>   i am working on writing clone for version 2 icq protocol.i am
> facing the problem i.e i am getting ip-address & port of buddy as
> 0 .so i am not able to do peer to peer
> communication.please send me solution...
> bye
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